Yes. Eventually snowing in Ankara. I prayed to God a lot for this.

I always like to look at snow. It is midnight on 4.2.2023. It is unbelievable that almost one month has gone from the new year. The clock is ticking.

For a while, in almost many cities in Turkey there was no snow while the calenders showing February. So, people went to rain pray. Thanks God it is worked and now outside it is snowing. It is amazing. When I watch the snow, I usually think that millions of snow flakes are unique substantially. Each snow flakes have incredible art work inside when analysed. It is beyond me! Than, I can not imagine the whole universe, its size, its endlessness and then I think to myself. I am like nothing in this whole Cosmo. We are like sands in the ocean. But man was aware of this fact, anyway man has to keep up its life and to unknown end. We do not know nothing even the size of the information about universe. However, we have to continue and wait for the death. To meet the death. To meet the death kindly I hope.

While all these are going on, Let’s look the beauty of this snow flakes. Today I went out with my kids to the garden in our home. If I return to my childhood, I remember the snowing times with my family. It was really amusing. We enjoyed a lot. We were living an detached house in İstanbul Çengelköy when I was kid.(I was lucky) And our home is next to the slope. We were sliding with plastic bags from the top of the slope to the end of the slope. I can remember very few things in my life that gave me more adrenaline than this. I was a little bit scared from sliding. But anyway it was fun and we had very nice time with my sisters. After sliding from the slope, we were all wet. My mother had to clean our clothes and dry them. Now I think that as a mother, lots of work for mom. But it worths. It resulted a pleasent memory. I think people want to maintain the good things they had in their childhood to their own children.

Almost nothing is visible through the living room’s window. It is nearly white. It gives me peace, tranquility. Snow is covering all the dirty things in the soil. For a while everything on earth is like clean and innocent, far from any dirtiness.

While I am watching the beauty of snow and a magnificent natural phenomenon in my cozy home, I feel sad when I think of the people and animals outside. People didn’t say in vain that if you love the winter, you are rich. Because in the summer one can even sleep on the streets, but in the winter it is difficult.What will they eat? Sometimes when I am in my car on the road, I see a mom and children in the pavement next to road. They light a fire from woods and warm. Then, my mind starts to investigate the justice in life. When I am writing these words, I returned one of this time and now I am really very upset.

I describe myself an empath personality. I believe it is definitely me! I can think about it for days, I can sorrow but nothing will be changed. When I shared all these with my husband, he told me that – I think he wanted to relax me- from the beginning of the life, all these is happened and unfortunately it will continue in the future. But Why? There should be something to change this game. Admission is the only thing that we can do? I don’t want to believe.

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