Earthquake in Turkey


Nearly more than 1 month ago, highly vigorous eathquake occured in our country. It was around 7.8 and 7.6 and centered in Kahramanmaraş but effected approximately 10 other cities. It was felt by our city. Unfortunately, the result is horrifying. it is estimated that more than 50.000 people was dead and more than that is injured and suffered.

I have not recovered yet. The events and footages from the eartquake zones is hurting my heart. I was effected so much. After earthquake, I guess because of the stress and fear, for a while I had a vertigo. I was continually wobbling around my home.

I am still scared. I have a lot of difficulties when I am going to sleep. The slightest shaking stresses me out.

I am also very anxious about the coming and estimated earthquakes in İstanbul. My family and my beloved ones are there. And of course nearly a quarter of Turkey population lives there in İstanbul. And every important spots are established there. If an severe earthquake is occured in İstanbul, it is estimated the lots of people will die. To talk about this is also very stressful.But these are the truth of nature.

Some of the people said this is fate, some of them said it is crime. I think there is so much faults, neglects and so on. If you ask me, I don’t want to believe that this is a fate only.

When I am looking the scenes from the wreckages, I am really shocked about the buildings demolish style.

Some buildings collapsed like a sand(which means there is no iron), some buildings fell flat (which means there is no strong base). I do not know of course but I think lots of people contribute to this in one way or another. I do not know who to blame for. All in all, lots of people died in this disaster, more than that is effected and in the future it will be worse. =(

It is a trauma for our generation really. I do not know how will we handle this trauma.

I am sure that the situation is worse than the transmitted to us by television. After earthquake, the survivors are very remorseful because of the new problems which they encountered.

Especially, in Hatay, we awared that a water problem was happened. The earthquake victims couldn’t access the water. In addition to all of this, there is still hygiene, food, accommodation, heating problems are there.

All of this more detailed was already written, thousands of words was said. There is no need to add something different. I pray for all of us.

I wish, the world would be a better place, more peaceful, safer, more lovely…

Is it so difficult?

What can not we share in this little and finite life?

Why this sufferings?


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