Turkey President Elections

A few days later (14.05.2023) my country will go to elect its new president. For this reason and lots of people I think, very stressful. The environment is highly nervous. The tensions is increasing. The footages from social media is really very worrying. The last event could be a reference for this. The president of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was thrown stoned in Ardahan which located in the eastern of country. Known its secular point of views. Regardless of any reason, It is not acceptable. I am really worried about the elections. Everybody says that this elections should finish in the first round. Otherwise, the tensions could be worse than now. I am afraid.

I wish a happy country with all freedom, justice, humanity, equality, more trustworthy, more peace… away from economic crises 🙁

No one knows what will happen. All we have to do, go to poll and vote and choose who will manage this country and decide for us.

I am so indecisive about the elections. Just praying and wishing a better country. And anxious about what if it goes worse.

As I see from the social media posts, lots of people are counting days or can not sleep. Or they say Let’s finish it in the first round.

As far as we see, the community is divided two different views. Republicians and Conservatives. The votes are so close to each other. So, it could be really very hard race.

I don’t want to be remorse about the decision that I made about the side I voted. I pray to God to have better life for our country.

It is a democratic country. At least we are lucky to have this chance!

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